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Rubriq has chosen to tackle the issue of redundancy in the current peer review system. If an independent and standardized peer review could be accepted and shared across all types of journals and distribution systems, we could save a lot of time that is ordinarily wasted as papers are re-reviewed from one journal to the next. How much time? 15 million hours...every year.

Getting an independent peer review prior to submission gives authors the advantage of making a first round of revisions and making a better first impression. By using the custom journal recommendations based on the Rubriq Report, authors can also make smarter decisions about which journal to choose, and can get published faster. Submitting a paper with a complete Rubriq Report gives journals more information than they receive for other submissions, and can help papers get noticed.

How it works

As an independent, for-benefit organization, Rubriq can provide rigorous reviews by the same qualified peers who review for journals, but with a standardized scorecard that can be used in any publishing model. Our system will enable faster, more consistent reviews, and will help match papers with the right journals. Find out more about the benefits for researchers, reviewers and journal editors here.